100ha pour 100.000 arbres sur un site de plantation au Congo
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Description of planting sites

Description of planting sites

Planting 100 000 tress require roughly an area of 100 ha. Resources & Synergies Development and their partners have chosen planting sites in the vicinity of the Yangamby research station, located in the Tshopo Province in Democratic Republic of Congo.

The choice of this planting site also result from the presence of development and capacity building projects in this area. These projects funded by the European Union and implemented by the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), Resources & Synergies Development and other local and international partners provide us with reliable facilities and logistics.

This region is suitable for tree planting because land is available, soils are fertile and rainfalls are sufficient throughout the year. This afforestation will take place nearby Yangambi Biosphere Reserve. At present, this Forest Reserve is being encroached. Planting useful trees needed by the populations will progressively alleviate pressures on the Reserve. The decrease of pressure on the Reserve will avoid the degradation of some parts of the forest.

We will make sure several tree species are planted to maintain some biodiversity. This activity will be a source of revenue in rural areas.