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1-What will happen if less than 1000 runners enrol for the race of 19 August 2017 ? Will this event take place regardless? Will you plant the trees regardless?

This option is obviously considered and organisers are well aware of the challenge in gathering 1000 runners on this magnificent race. Firstly, the Climate-trail® is derived from a unique concept and above all it will be its first edition. If the target number of runners is not reached, the race will take place on 19/08/2017 anyway. We also confirm that trees, currently being produced as seedlings, will be planted anyway.

2-Where and when will you plant trees? How can we make sure these trees will be planted?

It is planned to plant these trees in the Tshopo Province in Democratic Republic of Congo. More precisely nearby the Reserve of Biosphere in Yangambi where the CIFOR (Centre for International Forestry Research) and R&SD (Resources & Synergies Development) implement a project supporting sustainable forestry with resources from the European Union. This choice allows relying on technical staff based locally. Trees will be planted in September and October 2017, depending on the rainy season in this area. Four people among runners and volunteers shall be randomly chosen and invited to travel to the planting site. They shall witness these plantations. This event will be covered by local and international press.

3- I don’t wish to run but I wish to contribute ? What shall I do?

All positive actions are welcome. The implementation of such a concept at a global scale (or near that) show important challenges. Organisers welcome not only runners, volunteers and sponsors / donors but also people who can forward the idea of the Cmimate Trail in their social network, talk about it with colleagues and in the family circle. Enrolling as a runner in the Climate Trail is definitely an outstanding commitment, especially for those who are unfamiliar with such a distance. Nevertheless, the Climate-Trail stands on three pillars: firstly, physical effort from runners, secondly, messages, i.e. drawings and taglines from kids under the supervision of their teachers and supervisors, and thirdly, tree planting in order to compensate carbon footprint while providing some wood and sustainable eco-systemic services locally. In the light of the above, a donation, the participation of a volunteer, assistance provided in advertising with the schools, or encouraging words are very valuable contributions. Just like the soil fed by rainfall, each drop is useful ☺.

4- I am unsure about my participation because the length is important. If I participate in this race, but if I cannot be a finisher, what will happen?

Experienced runners will tell you. The whole point is to manage your efforts, and with courage and prior training, especially managing your strength and avoid injuries, one can be a finisher in such a challenge. Obviously tired, but fulfilled. If for technical or physical reasons you decide to give up, you will be acknowledged and even rewarded, and trees will be planted on your behalf anyway.

5- How to get to the the event by public transport?

By bus: free service organized by Trail Climat From Brussels: Departure 7am to the Delta station, from Louvain-la-Neuve: Departure 7am from Place Verte, from Louvain: Departure 7am from Margarethaplein.

By train: if you arrive the day before, IC train direction Luxembourg until Libramont, correspondence for the station of Bertrix then the bus 163a until Herbeumont.

6- How to get to the event by car?

Organized carpooling, please log on to this link: https://my.covevent.be/trailclimat

Address:7 rue des Combattants, 6887 Herbeumont.

Direction: follow E411 direction Luxembourg. In the area of Libramont, take the exit 25-Reims for N89 towards Reims / Sedan / Bouillon / Bertrix. Continue on N89. Take N884 towards Grand’Place in Herbeumont.

7- Where to stay in the surrounding area?

Bed and breakfast and camping in the region, the tourist office of Herbeumont (+32 61 41 24 12) will assist you kindly.

8- Can I come with children?

Welcome to children! There are animations planned and supervised by professionals (reading tales, face painting, address games).

9- Are dogs admitted?

Yes, dogs are allowed.

10- Can I come with friends who encourage me?

Yes! It is a special moment to think and act, individually and collectively, in favor of the climate and the future of all children of this planet.

11- What are we eating? I am vegetarian.

Organic and local products, a varied menu (with vegetarian dishes), discoveries from here and elsewhere. You’ll get it for your taste buds!

12- I am a volunteer: what can I expect? How do I prepare?

The tasks assigned to volunteers are taken very seriously but they must remain manageable and fun for everyone. A precise description sheet will be provided to all volunteers on July 26, 2017. There is the possibility of camping on site, showers will be accessible on site and a location to deposit business. Drinks, meals, prizes …

13- What are the prices for runners?

Each runner gets a kitbag and a towel, there are 19 podiums of three winners, and the feats of 57 men and 57 women will be rewarded.

14- What do I gain as volunteers?

For volunteers are planted 100 trees. Volunteers receive 2 t-shirts, 2 towels and are paid 20 euros for transport. Prizes are also distributed.

15- What are the different courses and level differences?

Course 1: 11km: Height difference of 350 meters

Course 2: 21km: Height difference of 700 meters

Course 3: 42km: Height difference of 1400 meters

16- What are the refueling points?

At points 10, 20 and 30 km a mixed ravito (“solids and liquids”) and in addition, at the intermediate points (5, 15, 25 and 35).

17- Can I register the same day?

For our organization, we prefer to register in advance. However, the same day it is possible to register, payment in cash.

18- Where and when can I pick up the race pack?

Saturday 19th August from 8h until 15 minutes before the race or Friday 18 August between 18 and 21h.

19- Can we run as a team?

Yes! Between colleagues, friends, sports club, come with the colors that bind you and run together for this cause.

20- Are there showers?

Yes, showers and toilets will be on site.

21- What is the detailed program?

8h: welcoming and inscription

9.30: opening speech and description of the race

10h: departure 21 and 42km

11h: departure 11km

18h: awards ceremony and raffle prizes

9h -> 20h: animations on site, catering, drinks and festivities

22- What is the timing system?

This is Chronorace’s timing system with a near-real-time technological improvement in the peloton.

23- I want to participate without running, is it possible?

For each euro of donation, a tree is planted. For each donation, you will be accepted as sponsor on our site and at the event. All good wishes are invited to bring books for the non-profit organization R & SD. We send these books to schools and universities in less privileged countries.

24- I want to donate, how do I do it?

Send your donations to the following account number: BE40 3630 3184 7463 with your name / company in whose name you make the donation. You will then receive information on planting.

25- When does the different races start ?

The 21 and 42 km races start at 10 o’ clock while the 11 one starts at 11 o’ clock.