Education environnementale pour les plus jeunes pour un futur meilleur
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Environmental awareness

Environmental awareness

Genuine players in the blue economy seldom get basic knowledge in universities. Environmental awareness is like the rules of courtesy and good manners. Both are valuable since the youngest age. Generations in the third millennium will face the most severe consequences of climate change. In terms of climate change, the 2050 horizon is an rbitrary deadline and yet it looks like a powerful reality.

Besides messages delivered by Leonardo Dicaprio et Fisher Stevens (BEFORE THE STORM) ou encore de Cyril Dion et Mélanie Laurent (TOMORROW), awareness about natural hazards, triggers of climate change and remedies (adaptation and mitigation) deserve much more than some appreciation. They must call for real and positive action.

However, real and positive actions are found here and there, at individual as well as industrial levels. In short, about climate change, we know quite well triggers and remedies. Less so the consequences. Such a gap in knowledge is used as a reason for inaction. Above all, we do too little. Above all we too slowly.

After all, perhaps the call belongs to young people when it comes to choose about the climate and environment they wish for themselves and their family.