Climate Trail 2017, description du trail
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Climat Trail ®


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Description of the race

Description of the race

The organisers would like to welcome 1000 runners on the 19th of August 2017 in Herbeumont (southern of Belgium, close to Bouillon). The superb trace of this noble challenge is 42 kilometres long. It shows a 1450 mt +. Two others races are also available for 21 and 11 km that shows respectively 620 and 350 mt +. You can run alone or as a team.

There are so many reasons to run in the wild. This time, it is all about a real and sustainable action in favour of our climate.

According to the legend of the battle of Marathon, the Greek Phidippides ran over a distance of 42,195 km. He is remembered as both a runner and a messenger.

Drawings and taglines about climate change and coming from schools in more than one hundred countries are messages from the first generation in the third millennium. Each runner will wear a drawing (front) and a tagline (back).

Runners in the Climate-Trail® will cover a distance as long as the globe girth (equator). This time, no one will be a number. In this race, runners will be messengers.

This environmental awareness effort also seeks to remind commitments made in Paris. It relies on collaborative intelligence. It translates good will into some real action through the planting of one hundred thousand trees.

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Access plan

Address : avenue des Combattants, 7

6887 Herbeumont